How Can Product Placements Be Done Successfully?

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February 1, 2018
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How Can Product Placements Be Done Successfully?

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How to get product placement right

With extensive internet connections, customers have easy access to information about various products. Nowadays, with so much more choice customers have more power.  They now seek out brands and manufacturers that they can trust and are honest about their offers. In this regard, the use of product placements through brand ambassadors, influencers, and content developers as well as publishers is becoming a norm.

As a business owner in this digital age, you should not be left out in the transition. Being up-to-date with the buying trends is the secret to winning more customers and boosting your sales.

Notably, product placement can be one of the most affordable advertising tactics. Provided you’re not trying to get your product in the next James Bond film. But, before you jump on the band wagon it’s worth remembering that how well you do it determines whether you will win or lose in the game.


4 ways to execute product placements successfully


a)    Identify the right channel

As mentioned in our article What Are Product Placements, several product placement methods exist. You can place your products in television shows, films, video games, websites or social media. For your product placements to be successful, you need to identify the right channel to use.

For instance, if you are dealing with products targeting the teens and young adults, social media placement is a great option for you. Also, if you want to earn immediate sales, going for a television show approach and social media can be the best options for you.

b)    Timing 

When planning your product placements campaigns, time is an essential factor. If you do not assess your timing thoroughly, you should not be surprised if you make zero impact on the market. 

For instance, if you are dealing with winter clothing, featuring your products in a movie that will be released during the summer season is a surefire way to make zero sales from your campaigns. Thus, when you think about product placement, it is important to conduct your research to know the best time to feature your brands in relation to your industry needs.

c)    Placement position

One mistake you can make is featuring your products in a boring scene of the film or tv show. Since your goal is to create a positive impression and initiate an interest in your product, you should always seek for a position that achieves this objective. For instance, if you are offering catering services, it would be awkward to feature your brands in a position where the family is having a conflict that is leading to injuries. 

Remember the feeling you inspire in the viewers will determine their next course of action. If you initiate a negative one, then you should expect the same effect on your sales. Hence, it is essential to consider the product placement position, particularly when using television shows and film campaigns.           

d)    Use clear visuals

Product placements aim to display your brands and create awareness of their existence through audio-visual approaches. In this regard, you need to ensure what you show is visible to your viewers. Also, where possible you should incorporate an elevator pitch in the form of a soundbite about the product/service that will attract the viewers’ attention.


We hope these tips are useful.  For successful product placements, you need to identify the right channel and the best time to feature them. Also, use of audio-visuals and product placement positioning are essential factors. Considering these aspects is a guarantee of success in your product placement campaigns. If you think product placement is something that your business could benefit from then give us a call to discuss in more detail – 020 3457 0357

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