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February 19, 2018
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Do Product Placements Work?

do product placements work

How product placement can enhance your brand

Product placement is one of the oldest advertising approaches that is still relevant to date. The practice started as a way of making films seem more real through incorporating brands and everyday, recognisable products. However, this method gained momentum over the time as many films and television shows started employing it.

With the technological advancement, the technique is becoming a norm in brand promotion. In a time where the audience has an option to skip an advertisement that is irrelevant to them, companies are adopting product placement as their principal way of advertising their brands. So, do product placements work? 


4 benefits of product placements

a)  Product placement boost sales

The goal of any marketing activity is to boost your sales. This happens through attracting new customers or activating the dormant ones. Product placement is one way of influencing buyers to purchase more from you. For instance, when Red Stripe was featured in the movie The Firm their sales increased by 50%. As such, a strategized product placement campaign can enhance your sales by a higher margin in comparison with other promotional forms. 

b)  Influence the audience attitude

Through placing your products on a movie or television shows, you influence the customer attitude towards it. How? The customers watching a show or a movie will ‘fall in love’ with a particular actor/character. 

If the character is using particular products, the viewers will adapt the products to align themselves with them. Also, if your targets hard a negative attitude in your products, by featuring them in their favorite show, you can cause a paradigm shift in them. As such, product placement plays an enormous role in influencing consumers’ attitude towards a particular brand.

c)  Building brand awareness

 People know about a particular brand through interacting with it in the social and entertainment arenas. In this essence, product placement opens an opportunity for you to showcase your brands to the audience. By placing them on viewers’ favorite movies and shows, you make them aware of your brand existence. Besides, your targets develop a robust intention to try your products. 

d)  Enhance the recollection of your products

Product placements enhance the customer memorization of your brand names. According to research, viewers easily recognize brands they show on a video or a movie. What does this mean for you? Evidently, customers buy products they can easily remember. When your brand is added to their memory list, you are confident that your sales will increase. 

Also, product placements make the customer attach a particular brand with a character. So, any moment they recall the traits of that character, they will remember the features and benefits of your brands. Hence, this approach enhances the memorization and recalling of your brands which is essential in gaining brand authority.


As seen, product placements work. This approach influences the customers’ attitude as they associate your brands with film/television show characters. Also, they enhance your branding campaigns. Furthermore, they boost your sales and memorization of your brands. As such, product placements in some form are essential and can be cost-effective to your business if executed correctly. Want to learn more abut growing your business with product placement? Speak to a member of the 2nd Wind Pro team today – 020 3457 0357

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